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Hypnotherapy for Athletes & Sports Motivation

Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool for athletes both for therapeutic and performance enhancement purposes. Sports hypnosis is simply hypnotism directed towards improving sports performance. Hypnotherapy is used by all levels of sports people today, from amateurs to top level professionals, and is getting successful results in just about every type of sport.

Farhana came to see me because she was worried that her addiction to sugar especially chocolate and sports bars would prevent her from competing in her first body building competition. She was working very hard at the gym refining and building up her muscles. As a body builder in training for a competition she was required to stick to a very strict diet of mainly protein, carbs and vegetables.  She was very dedicated and careful preparing the correct meals but she had no will power over her craving for chocolate. The strict diet that is required for competition body building takes a great deal of discipline and she was struggling. It’s important to regulate the diet by eliminating all junk foods, sugar, bread, high carbohydrate drinks, regular soft drinks and to cut down on high lactose milk products in order to build up the muscles.

The type of therapy I used with Farhana was Resource Therapy, this is a powerful and brief therapy based on the premise that the personality is composed of separate parts, rather than being a whole. These parts (which everyone has) are called ego states. While the client is in a deep state of hypnosis I work directly with the states that can best benefit from change, rather than merely working with an intellectual, talkative state. In Farhana’s case the part that was causing her to crave sweet food was a childhood state. She also had a positive determined state and once we resolved this inner conflict between the two states she no longer craved sweet food.

We are each made up of a number of different states; each has its own feeling of power, weakness, emotion, logic, or other personal traits.  When we say, "Part of me wants to," we are talking about an ego state.  When we say, "I feel at peace with myself on this issue," we are talking about our ego states agreeing, not having an internal struggle. Our various states help to make our lives rich, productive, and enjoyable.  A state harbouring pain can cause unrest and unwanted emotional reactions.

I also worked with her to increase her motivation and self-confidence during the competition and so it was no surprise that she WON!  

“As a bodybuilder competitor I had a massive addiction to sugar, which has a negative effect for health and specially my sport. Studies have shown that sugar can be as addictive as cocaine. My addiction for sugar streams from childhood and it correlates back to my stress as a child. I tried many ways to get it under control but none of them worked. Hypnotherapy was recommended to me by a friend and I found Lorna Jackson.

The results I received from the therapy were truly amazing, which has given me the ability to prepare for my first bodybuilding competition which I won. Thanks to Lorna, without her help this would have been impossible to achieve. I highly recommend other athletes to give Hypnotherapy a go.”  Farhana Ahad.

Disclaimer: (Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person).