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Skype Sessions for Weight Loss

Anne came to see me for help to lose weight and to stop her sugar addiction. She had tried many diets over the years, shakes, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig to name a few, she would lose weight at first only to regain it once she stopped the diet. She worked in an official position and was finding her work uniform too tight to wear because of the extra weight she had gained. She had travelled to Brisbane for a short holiday and decided to do the 4 session Hypnoresults Gastric Mind Band Program. She had the first session in my Brisbane clinic and the following 3 sessions were done a week apart on Skype when she was back home. At the first session Anne told me she felt lazy and had no motivation to exercise and was at the heaviest she had ever been in her life.

Three months later I received this email below from Anne.

Hi Lorna… I thought I would let you know how I have been doing.  As you know I was 93kg when I came and saw you and had sugar addiction I was struggling to combat. After our sessions finished I had lost 5kg in 4 weeks and not really dieting. This was great but I was finding it hard to get motivated to exercise but lucky for me I got selected for our local radio station for a competition which was an 8-week Weight Loss/ Transformation Challenge. Well I found the motivation all right and worked extremely hard especially towards the last couple of weeks training up to 2.5 hours every day.  

I was on a mission to win and ended losing a further 15.4kg weighing in at 73.5kg (starting weight was 88.9kg in the 8 weeks (losing 20.95% body percentage) and came runner up in the comp (not that I got a prize) and only lost by 0.85% (530 grams) however all my effort was still rewarded as I helped our team win the competition so we won a 12 months’ gym membership which is fantastic.

I was so happy with my results as I had dropped a few sizes and lost 12cm around my stomach alone.  I believe your sessions helped me to get through this competition with such ease as I never had cravings, stuck to my Hypnoresults healthy eating plan and never strayed, worked hard to exercise and have finally completed something that I had started for once without dropping out or giving up.  I don't believe I could have done this by myself and feel grateful to have found your Hypnoresults hypnotherapy sessions as an answer.  This is not a temporary situation either as I feel confident to want to continue this new lifestyle as I have actually enjoyed being this active and healthy for the last couple of months. And admittedly I am on a 10-week weight loss challenge while doing the 4-week transformation program which I will probably extend for another 8 weeks. I appear to now be addicted to be healthy, fit and happy.

Thank you so much for everything and I have also recommended a couple of people I know and my sister is also spruiking to her friends about my amazing weight loss journey and has asked for your details to pass on to her friends and hope they contact you too so you can help change their lives too.

Kind regards

Anne Bryant

Disclaimer: (Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person).

Skype Sessions

Hypnotherapy Skype Sessions

Hypnotherapy is such a powerful healing modality and because many people are unable to attend the clinic location Lorna is now offering clinical hypnotherapy sessions via Skype.
That means anyone in the world can enjoy and benefit from Lorna Jackson's unique hypnotherapy sessions. Distance need no longer prevent you from having effective help.

What sorts of issues can be helped?

Lorna can help you with Motivation for Personal, Business & Sports, Habits & Addictions, Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks, Relationship Enhancement, Confidence, Self-esteem & Assertiveness, Relaxation, Stress and Sleep,Weight Management, and much more!

Skype sessions will especially benefit people who are suffering from OCD or agoraphobia because they can receive the therapy they need, without leaving their home.

This is what one of my clients had to say about her session on Skype:

"I just wanted to pass this on for anyone who may be unsure about having a Skype session…Following my Skype session with Lorna Jackson for my fear of dental work, I’m thrilled to report that after going to the dentist today I was amazed – I had none of the anxiety symptoms I'd normally have. I can't quite believe it – I'm just so relieved and thrilled. In addition, it also worked for the speech I had to give a last Friday night – I felt cool as a cucumber, which is truly amazing because normally I'd be stressed to the max. I can certainly say the session was well and truly worth it. And I think a big factor for me was relaxing as much as I could in the session and letting go of any fear about what might happen. Cheers, Dani, Tasmania."

*Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

All Skype sessions are the same cost as sessions in the clinic. The only extra cost is postage for CD's to be sent out to clients.

What you need to do to book a session of Hypnotherapy on Skype with Lorna

•   Call or email to book all sessions via Skype and to determine if hypnotherapy is suitable for you 
•    At the time of booking clients are required to commit to their session by paying a deposit up front, either by credit card or bank transfer. The balance of payment will be collected at the beginning of the first session via credit card
•   You will receive a self-hypnosis relaxation CD in the mail
•    You will need to listen to the self-hypnosis CD every day for one week before the first session
•    You need an internet connection, preferably a land line connection
•    You need a webcam on your computer or laptop so that the hypnotherapist can see you
•    You need a headset that has earphones and a microphone
•    You need a light in front of you that shines on your face so that the hypnotherapist can see you clearly over the computer
•    You need to be sitting or lying down resting your head in a position facing the computer 

*Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.