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Help to Stop Smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana

Are you thinking of stopping smoking? you have health related problems and need to stop to live longer?

Or are you frustrated with spending your hard earned money on products designed to help you give up smoking?

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day could easily be costing you over $5,000 a year, and that cost is likely to increase.

Smoking can be a psychological habit as well as a physical habit, and Clinical Hypnotherapy has been proven successful in changing this habit. At Hypnoresults Hypnotherapy we address all parts and triggers of the habit at the first session. Many of the smokers we see stop smoking at the first session, and you could too, using hypnosis and our HypNoSmoke® method.  Hypnotherapy also helps to reduce withdrawals and cravings.

The role as Clinical Hypnotherapist is to assist the smoker to understand the core issues that underline the smoking habit, of either cigarettes or marijuana and then through the process of hypnosis the client connects with the power of their subconscious mind where the habit is stored.

The subconscious mind is the creative intuitive part of the mind that is capable of making and breaking habits instantly, easily and permanently. We all have the power to change behaviours immediately once the subconscious mind truly accepts the personal relevance and positive rewards of change, this is why it is very important that you are really serious about stopping smoking and prepared to be pro-active.

Thousands of people across Australia and the World have discovered that Clinical Hypnotherapy Works for them...

Hypnosis has helped many people deal with a multitude of problems and is a completely drug free, natural way to deal with habits such as smoking cigarettes, marijuana, excessive alcohol consumption and gambling.

Call Now..and Free yourself from the control of the habit forever and feel great!

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.


One session for Stop Smoking

**Package Special:**

Total Cost $400.00.
•Includes two sessions.
Plus 6 months of back up sessions at no extra cost.
•Also includes a relaxation CD to take home.

You pay only one price and receive support for 6 months. You must attend the two sessions, to be held one week apart. If you feel tempted to go back to old habits within 6 months of your last session, come back and see Lorna for a support session at no extra cost. To secure this special price a deposit of $200.00 is required when booking on the phone, paid either credit card or bank transfer.


*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.

Stop  Smoking

*I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how thankful i am! I know it has only been 6 weeks but i feel like i never smoked at all, i can honestly say that i have not wanted to smoke since the afternoon i left your house. My partner asked me about 2 weeks after i saw you how i was feeling without cigarettes and i realised only when he asked that i actually hadn't thought about them at all. I have been in the presence of smokers quite often since i've quit and am not bothered by the smoke at all 🙂 It has been so easy and i can't believe 1 session with you was enough to kick a 12 year habit!!! I listen to the CD you gave me maybe twice a week just for relaxation and my partner has become quite fond of it too! Both of us can't thank you enough, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  Many many thanks, Janelle. 

Stop  Smoking

*On the 12th of July last year I came and had a session of hypnotherapy to give up smoking.  Well I am so pleased to say that for me it has worked a treat.  I am coming up to my first anniversary of being a non-smoker,  I haven't had any urges and am in fact, quite repulsed by the smell of it all.  I am fitter, healthier and happier than ever. My life has completely changed, my daughter and son-in-law have given up too and so has my son.  I am also the proud grandmother to a beautiful 10 week old granddaughter.  I am so glad she won't have a huffing and puffing granny. From Trudy, Brisbane. 

  Stop  Smoking

*I would like to thank you for seeing my partner John.  After  one session with you, John stopped smoking cigarettes.  John never  displayed any of the withdrawal symptoms that you would normally watch  someone go through when giving up smoking.  To make it even better, John  thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt GREAT after he saw you it  was amazing!  We have received follow up calls and support from you  since and felt the entire experience was fantastic and the money well  spent.
As a  non-smoker that has had a partner that smoked, I could smell the smoke  on his clothes, on his breath, in his car and it was worse after a day  at work.  Since giving up cigarettes, our quality of life has improved  as I now enjoy spending more time with him. I would happily recommend  your services to anyone that might be thinking about giving up smoking  without the pain take the next step and CALL LORNA NOW! Silvia.  Brisbane. 

 Stop Smoking

*I thought I  would send you an email to update you on my progress.  My husband also saw you two weeks later.  We are both still not smoking and it is heaps  easier than we thought now. The first two weeks I was a bit moody  and had a few puffs but all up over this period I would have only had 5  full cigarettes in small amounts.  Then when my husband stopped it was  suddenly heaps easier he was a trigger for me that i did'nt expect  everyone else could smoke their hearts out but with him it was if you  are having one i want one. Anyway have not even had a puff since then so  am happy as - have had a couple of days lately when i have had urges  all through the day but they go quick now. Am over the sort of  down I had and have also managed to stop eating heaps and am losing the 6  kilos I put on over this time and am feeling very positive again.  I  have been referring heaps of people to you so hope you are getting some  extra business I also put your card up on the noticeboard at work.B Brisbane.

*I was drinking 48 cans of rum and cola and smoking my  way through $200.00 of weed every week. I came along for two sessions of  hypnosis I no longer drink alcohol or smoke marijuana at all. Hypnosis  has changed my life. Thanks. W. South Brisbane.


*.I smoked pot from the age of 24 to just recently @ 41. The only  times I stopped were with both pregnancies and then 12 months of  breast-feeding. I thought when I was pregnant, I would never go back to  smoking it, but, disappointingly I did. I finally got so sick of always  being stoned, the cost of it!! The effects it had on my day to day life.  I was hooked and needed help to stop, that's why it took SO  long to  get the help. I knew my addiction was stronger than me so I sought the  only way I thought would help. I got on the internet and googled -  marijuana addiction, help to stop. Hypnoresults came up, I read a few  testimonials, I could relate, I made an appointment. SO EASY!!! I had my  last cone the night before my appointment with John, about 6 weeks ago  now. I don't think about it (like I thought I would), I don't crave it, I  don't miss it and most of all, I simply don't want it! I am celebrating  my 42nd birthday tomorrow, proudly acknowledging the first birthday in  18 years without a "smoke". It was SUCH a part of my life, I couldn't  comprehend how I would ever just stop. I was very comfortable speaking  with John, he made me feel at ease, he related to me, didn't judge me  what-so-ever, he simply helped me stop. Also, if anyone out there wants  to stop AND lose weight, you will, as now I don't have the "munchies"  all the time and the weight has just dropped off me. So it's all  positive!!. I simply can't express how much I am amazed at how easy it  was.  I seriously wish I had found hypnosis years ago. I am dreaming  again, beautiful, vivid, clear dreams that we are meant to have but in  my haze, I never remembered. I'm SO  happy I have my life back and am  doing so many other things instead of being constantly stoned. I  am eternally grateful for the just have to ask for it!!
Kathy,  Brisbane 2009.

Stop Smoking

*I am  writing to advise you of how pleased I am with the results following our  hypnotherapy session on the 31st October 2009 - Thank you for squeezing  me in.  It's been almost 4 weeks and I have been doing INCREDIBLY well,  no cigarettes at all, I can even be around my friends and family if  they light up and not be tempted, I have had 2 or 3 cravings in 4 weeks,  however a drink of water controlled them. Thanks so much, for assisting me with being  smoke free.  As at 5th December, I will be 5 weeks with out smoking and  the hypnotherapy will have paid itself off.  My cough that I had prior  to quitting was COMPLETELY gone after 1.5 weeks.  I feel healthier and  it's easier to breathe.  I have recommended you to several of my  friends, family and co-workers and hopefully when they are ready to give  up also, they will give you a call. Thanks  again!!! R Watts, Wellington  Point.

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.