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Hypno-Band Weight Loss Program

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.

Clinical Hypnosis can be a rapid, successful and safe way to make lasting changes to your body weight. Hypnotherapy helps accelerate appetite control and self confidence.

TRYING to lose weight and get in shape is not easy for some while others more dedicated make it look a breeze. You have probably tried many diets and weight loss programs and may have found you haven’t lost much of that extra weight.

Lorna Jackson's role as Clinical Hypnotherapist is to help you uncover the underlying psychological reasons behind excessive eating. These reasons, often for years, are stored away in the deep subconscious mind. Using Hypnosis we can help to reframe the subconscious mind and to bring about new healthy perspectives regarding the way you consume food. Also exercise is an important factor in promoting healthy weight loss and our sessions are geared to address the combination of healthy nutrition and exercise

At HypnoResults Hypnosis clinic we offer several different sessions of weight loss, one being for persons only wanting to lose a few kilos perhaps already going to the gym, but not quite able to achieve their goals.

The other type of session is for persons needing to lose a larger amount of weight . For this type of weight loss we recommend the HYPNO-BAND four session weight loss program.


HypnoResults was the first Hypnotherapy Clinic in Brisbane to offer the HYPNO-BAND weight loss system.

The HYPNO-BAND four session weight loss program is one of the most effective Weight Loss soulutions ever created and has been getting amazing results and has been featured in the media in Australia and Worldwide!

Cost for the four sessions is only $490.00 when full payment is paid in full at the first session

For more information please visit our Hypno-Band site click here.

Hypnosis Can Multiply Your Chances of Successful Weight Loss By More Than 30!

60 females, at least 20% of whom were overweight were involved in a clinical study, where treatments included group hypnosis, individual hypnosis and maintenance suggestions. An average of 7.7kgs was lost by those that were hypnotised, compared to just 0.5lbs (225grams) in the control group who were not hypnotised. (Source: Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, J. (1986). Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 54, 489-492)

Celebrities use hypnotherapy, Lily Allen has dropped three dress sizes to a size 8 and Lily credits hypnotherapy for her weight loss. And she says she’s shed the pounds by having her brain reprogrammed to exercise more and remove the desire to eat fattening foods. Lily said: “After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad. I just want to get more toned and healthy. I feel really good about everything at the moment – I’ve never been happier.” 


*I went to see Lorna because I had some issues with my weight that I wanted to address. After the first session I achieved the most wonderful results. I used to overeat at basically all meals. I would also eat when I was not hungry. I was not grossly overweight but felt I needed to lose some weight for my health. I have now stopped over eating and I have learnt to stop eating before I am full and now I am left feeling satisfied. I dont eat unless I am hungry and find that I do not think about or look to food at every opportunity. The changes have made me feel so happy and confident with my self and I have even lost that little bit of weight that I needed to! Alexis, Brisbane.

*I had my hypno-band sessions with Lorna on skype.  The sessions went very well and easy from my comfort zone,  I very much enjoyed them and was looking forward to each session for the whole duration of the treatment.  The important thing is I have lost so far 10 kilos, and if I knew before that it would be that easy to lose weight with hypnotherapy, I would have done this years ago, saving myself the pain and frustration of trying to lose even one kilo.  My family and friends are amazed with the way I look now and keep asking me how I had achieved this and request Lorna’s contact details.  Thank you Lorna very much for changing my life. Inas, Melbourne.

*For many, many years I have been obese, not really through any mental influence of depression, anxiety etc., really through over indulgence.  I love food and wine and did not deny myself anything I wanted to eat or drink.  In September 2008 I decided I needed to regain some of my physical fitness and so looked for hypnotherapy as a weight loss solution. I found your website, Lorna, made an appointment and from there everything changed.  I thought to be hypnotised I would become unaware of the outside world.  I didn't find that happened and although I was completely relaxed by you (didn't move in the chair for 45 mins) , I did find my thoughts occasionally wandering before returning to the job in hand and I could hear things going on outside the room.   Lorna assured me that this was how hypnotherapy worked and I left my first session with a resolve to lose weight. In only 4 months I have lost 16 kg! I am so surprised how motivated I have been and how the cravings for sweet, fatty foods have ceased.  For many years I always opened a bottle of wine while preparing the evening meal and this is no longer part of my life.  I have no difficulty in eating natural, healthy fruit and vegetables with a small amount of protein and have completely given up processed food and most carbohydrates. Not being very keen about exercise, I am surprised how addicted I have become and need to be physically active at every opportunity.  My balance and agility is improving and I am well on the way to achieving my goals in that area. I firmly believe all this motivation, (and I am not usually a person who continues projects,) is due to my two sessions with Lorna.  I have found the journey so amazingly easy with no cravings or feelings of deprivation.  Something I would not have believed possible.  I do have the occasional feeling of hunger but this is so easily satisfied with a glass of water.  I read that when we are hungry, we are often actually thirsty. If you are considering Lorna as a hypnotherapist, look no further, you will not be disappointed whatever life changes you are contemplating.  Have a session with Lorna and it will happen. Gail, Esk, QLD.  

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.