About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Therapy is any procedure or practice that helps you to change and overcome problems or symptoms. Hypnosis by itself is not therapy, but allows you to apply your subconscious knowledge and resources to resolve your problems. This makes the therapy you undergo in hypnosis more effective in helping you create a long term change in your attitudes and behaviors.

Remember that hypnosis is not mind control. In fact, the idea behind hypnotherapy is to give you back the control that you have lost, and which is causing your habit, problem or symptoms.

At the University Hospital of South Manchester, Professor Peter Whorwell, a gastroenterologist who heads the only NHS-funded hypnotherapy center in Britain, which has been pioneering hypnotherapy as a treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, says “One of the problems is the name, if we started off again with a name like neuromodulation, for example, it would be more readily accepted. The name hypnosis has so much baggage attached. Cognitive behavioural therapy is now reasonably well accepted, and so, too, is psychotherapy, but of the three, I would say hypnosis is potentially the most powerful. It is becoming a treatment of choice for IBS. When I am dead and gone, people are going to suddenly realise that hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool and question why it has been ignored for so long.”

The first thing you have to do is get past the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. It’s not a sleep state or something that someone can make you do. It’s a state of relaxed heightened, focused attention that we can all shift into very naturally.

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.


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