Hypnotherapy for Video Game Addiction

Please Note: I do not treat persons under the age of 18.

  • Are you concerned at the amount of time you, your child or someone close to you are spending playing video games.
  • The video game industry has become more prevalent and increasing affordability and accessability to this technology has made it easier to build a habit of video gaming.
  • The habit of video gaming is similar in nature to that of compulsive gambling.
  • If you or a loved one is spending hours a day playing video games it could be that video gaming has developed into an ongoing habit.

9 Signs that video gaming has become a habit:
1. Constantly feeling the need or compulsion to be preoccupied with video games;
2. Becoming withdrawn, distracted, aggressive or frustrated if the video games are taken away;
3. Increasing urge to spend evermore time engaged with video gaming;
4. Having tried a number of times unsuccessfully to control the need to play video games
5. General loss or disinterest to participate in previous hobbies, sports or interests except for video gaming
6. Continuing to play video games even though having knowledge of associated problems
7. Lying to others regarding the amount of time spent playing video games
8. Using video games to escape or relieve stress, to relax for extended amounts of time
9. Losing a job or a relationship, perhaps procrastinating on completing educational assignments, missing sports, etc in order to play video games.
Source of 9 Signs that video gaming has become a habit:
Daniel L. King, Paul H. Delfabbro. The cognitive psychology of Internet gaming disorder, doi:10.1016/j.cpr.2014.03.006

 Hypnotherapy can help video game addiction, reducing the urge to play and to help to get your life back on track. Often help is needed to overcome any underlying causes the may be contributing to this compulsive habit. Lorna Jackson is a skilled hypnotherapist with many years of practical experience helping her clients end bad habits for good.

*Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person. 


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