Hypnotherapy helping to overcome Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a debilitating phobia that results in the person affected being afraid and unable to leave their house alone. Typically it starts off with a panic attack and steadily progresses, others witnessing this evolvement of the phobia can find it difficult to understand.

Hypnosis can help a person suffering from agoraphobia by helping to deal with the anxiety and most importantly the triggers that set the phobia off. In many cases agoraphobia begins with an initial sensitising event and during the session a hypnotherapist may ask many questions to help uncover this time in a person’s life where the phobia initially started.

Basically agoraphobia is a response generated within the subconscious mind. The phobia has been further reinforced by conscious thoughts, feelings and actions leading to further reinforcement of the phobia. This constant cycle can be interrupted through the use of hypnosis.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist assists by helping to modify the subconscious minds view of the initial sensitising event that in many cases is the root cause of the phobic fear. Working with hypnosis in this manner the phobic fear can be eliminated easily and quickly. Reframing this initial sensitising event is essential as this event can be what has debilitated the person all along. Following this reframing, further suggestions can be then given to facilitate additional change.

Using hypnotherapy to help a person with agoraphobia can be a most effective way to get to the source of the problem. This is done by hypnotically accessing the unconscious mind so that the underlying thoughts, feelings and actions that feed into the fear are subconsciously realigned.

Agoraphobia may be overcome in just as little as one session or it may take a few sessions. In many cases the feelings of anxiety and panic can be reduced during the first hypnotherapy session helping to further improve a person’s life.

*Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.


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