Past Life Regression

Past life regression has become a very popular point of discussion topic in society today. Belief in reincarnation dates back thousands of years and occurs in many of the world’s religions. The idea of regressing to a past life in order to help progress, heal or even to better understand your present life can be a marvellous insight. Reincarnation is the belief that man’s consciousness or soul survives death. And returns to be reborn into many different physical bodies and lives in order to learn and grow.

For the soul to truly evolve it must experience many lives in various races and social classes, this in turn creates a balancing out process. This balancing out process generates compassionate acceptance of all souls.

The purpose of karma is not to punish ourselves or each other, but to learn and give our souls the opportunity to live in harmony with each other and the universe.

Many of our Past life regression clients have gone on and researched their past life personalities and found them in the archives and history books. Learning about your Past Lives is interesting, but can also be life changing, especially if you are able to find and research one of your own past lives. It is a way to find out if friends, family members or lovers have shared other lifetimes with you.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, nothing not even time or death can separate those who have formed a deep bond. Lovers from the past often reincarnate within the same time frame again and again, although they may not remember who they are when they meet they will feel the magnetic attraction.

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