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Reviews From Some of HypnoResults Many Satisfied Clients

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided in regards to hypnotherapy.

These are just a few of the wonderful testimonials sent  from clients over the years. They can all be verified and we share them with you because our goal is that they inspire and motivate you in taking the first step towards making positive change in your give us a call!

Skype Session for fear of dental work and public speaking

*Just wanted to pass this on for anyone who may be unsure about having a Skype session… Following my Skype session with Lorna Jackson for my fear of dental work, I’m thrilled to report that after going to the dentist today I was amazed – I had none of the anxiety symptoms I'd normally have. I can't quite believe it – I'm just so relieved and thrilled. In addition, it also worked for the speech I had to give a last Friday night – I felt cool as a cucumber, which is truly amazing because normally I'd be stressed to the max. I can certainly say the session was well and truly worth it. And I think a big factor for me was relaxing as much as I could in the session and letting go of any fear about what might happen. Cheers,Dani, Tasmania.


*Dear Lorna....I have been intending to email you since my consultation re  my ever  increasing drinking problem. As I explained to you it was out of control, drinking on a daily basis I just could not stop drinking and no family member or friend was of any use. They meant well. I had tried not drinking by myself (white knuckle abstinence ) that lasted twenty four hours at best, AA was not an option I had tried it before only to fail as I was constantly in recovery by way of that program. I wanted to recover full stop. After my consultation with you in June 2012 I am pleased to advise you I haven’t had a drink since, nor does the thought or mental picture of me with a glass of alcohol in my hand register. Clearly I was desperate and prepared to do almost anything to stop. At 64 years of age I can now say to anyone who may be as desperate as I to change reoccurring  demons to seek your professional assistance. In a couple of hours with you, you reinstated in me control back over my life.  We have been too many functions and private parties since my consultation with you and didn’t identify with drinking. Simply amazing! I feel stronger in myself  lost weight– taken back control of my life - think more clearly without the emotional hoops I was jumping through. The wars In my head  coupled with the sense of uselessness over alcohol has abated and my self confidence is back. As a business woman if I had continued along the dubious path of alcohol to resolve business problems and decision making I have a good idea what the outcome would have been. I was looking down the barrel of my husband & I going separate ways and my businesses well,  I would be saying  “What businesses.” Thank you for reprogramming my scrambled head and having such a profound influence on my life. I now think and see things differently and your relaxation CD my husband & I listen to every night as we sign off yet another day with calmness and peace in our minds. Yours Sincerely, Christine.

Weight Loss-Hypnoband

*I just thought I would give you an update on how im going Lorna ...I weighed 99kg when I first came to see you & currently I weigh 87.1 kg. I have lost 12kg & have been feeling great. It has been really easy to stick to the small portions & I find that because its not a restrictive diet where certain foods are banned it fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Thank you so much Lorna for helping me over come my issues with food. My next goal is to weigh 80kg & feel fit before I leave for Europe in mid November."....Joanne.

Social Anxiety

*Hello Lorna!  Well it is Sunday night late and I am sending this message to you so it is Important!!  My shyness and inability to speak with strangers is gone - no more.....I had so much fun speaking with people this weekend at a trade expo.   I spoke with so many 'strangers' and I loved every moment.  I could speak with them, I could strike up conversation on my own, I could hold a conversation - it was so empowering!  I had conversations with ladies in the toilet, people waiting for the lift, people visiting our display stand and exhibitors at other displays.  I handed out flyers, promoted our products, shared conversations and loved every moment.  I feel liberated and free.  Thank you so much.  Hypnotherapy has changed my life immeasureably and I love it.....Deb


*I had problems sleeping for years and was taking sleeping pills and even they didn’t work most nights ....I just want to thank you Lorna so much...WOW...after only one session of hypnotherapy with you I am now sleeping great every night. Cheryl Westerman, Regents Park, Brisbane.

Stop Smoking

*My name is Linda and l came to see you in April 2012 for your assistance to quit smoking. l am extremely happy, and so are my children, partner and friends to be able to tell you that l have been smoke free since. 13 months and 9 days. Not that l am counting but l am very impressed as to how easy this was. We even had  a celebratory breakfast when it was 12 months and my children  presented me with a trophy.The thought of having a cigarette still popped into my head now and then but l was surprised by the fact that a thought was all it was, l can say that l have never had any serious urges to have a cigarette since. Occassionally l would think,,,,Hmmmm l would normally be having a cigarette now but it was all just a memory.  l guess l am lucky not to have many smokers around me which l say would be a great help in not smoking.The money l have saved is paying for me to go to Fiji next week for a 10 night resort holiday. Wooowhooooo....Thank you for helping me to achieve what l had previous tried many times to do.l have passed your details onto a number of people and even my GP was very impressed that he has one of your cards.l hope you have many more clients because what you are doing is wonderful and l am very grateful to you for my success. Keep up the fabulous job. Kindest regards, Linda.

*I am writing to advise you of how pleased I am with the results following our hypnotherapy session - Thank you for squeezing me in.  It's been almost 4 weeks and I have been doing INCREDIBLY well, no cigarettes at all, I can even be around my friends and family if they light up and not be tempted,I have had 2 or 3 cravings in 4 weeks, however a drink of water controlled them.

*Thanks so much, for assisting me with being smoke free.  As at 5th December, I will be 5 weeks with out smoking and the hypnotherapy will have paid itself off.  My cough that I had prior to quitting was COMPLETELY gone after 1.5 weeks.  I feel healthier and it's easier to breathe.  I have recommended you to several of my friends, family and co-workers and hopefully when they are ready to give up also, they will give you a call. Thanks again!!! R Watts, Wellington Point, Brisbane.

Food  Issues/Depression

*I would like to thank you Lorna for all your help. I came to you because I was looking to have hypnotherapy to control food issues that I had. I could not stop thinking about food, I particularly had a problem with chocolate. I have suffered depression in the past and when I was out of control of food that brought back negative feelings from the past, about how I felt about myself. After only one session I can honestly say that I haven't felt this good in years. I feel like you have taken all the negativity out of me, mind and body. And now I m only going to think and do positive things and fill up my mind with them. I really have absorbed the book you recommended to me "The Secret" and feel quite inspired, and I really believe that anything is possible now. Today I applied for a degree in climatology that starts next year. It was weird, I decided to look up if there was a degree in climatology and i got onto the QTAC site and the last day for lodgement was tomorrow so i just did it. Fingers crossed I get in, i will some how anyway.I have listened to your CD and found it very relaxing. I  have decided to keep up these changes I've made. Thank you again for all your help.Sally, Brisbane.

EX-pot smokers

*I smoked pot from the age of 24 to just recently @ 41. The only times I stopped were with both pregnancies and then 12 months of breast-feeding. I thought when I was pregnant, I would never go back to smoking it, but, disappointingly I did. I finally got so sick of always being stoned, the cost of it!! The effects it had on my day to day life. I was hooked and needed help to stop, that's why it took SO long to get the help. I knew my addiction was stronger than me so I sought the only way I thought would help. I got on the internet and googled - marijuana addiction, help to stop. Hypnoresults came up, I read a few testimonials, I could relate, I made an appointment. SO EASY!!! I had my last cone the night before my appointment,  about 6 weeks ago now. I don't think about it (like I thought I would), I don't crave it, I don't miss it and most of all, I simply don't want it! I am celebrating my 42nd birthday tomorrow, proudly acknowledging the first birthday in 18 years without a "smoke". It was SUCH a part of my life, I couldn't comprehend how I would ever just stop. I was very comfortable speaking with John, he made me feel at ease, he related to me, didn't judge me what-so-ever, he simply helped me stop. Also, if anyone out there wants to stop AND lose weight, you will, as now I don't have the "munchies" all the time and the weight has just dropped off me. So it's all positive!!. I simply can't express how much I am amazed at how easy it was.  I seriously wish I had found hypnosis years ago. I am dreaming again, beautiful, vivid, clear dreams that we are meant to have but in my haze, I never remembered. I'm SO happy I have my life back and am doing so many other things instead of being constantly stoned.I am eternally grateful for the just have to ask for it!! Kathy, Brisbane.


*I cant thank you enough Lorna for the way you have helped me quit the cigs, but also there has been a great shift in my energy and people are noticing i feel great. At no time did i feel like a smoke when I recently attended a social gathering and so I have had truly amazing results from your therapy. I am pleased to tell everyone what a help you have been to me and I will certainly promote you through my business. Helen, Brisbane. (Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person).

*I went to see Lorna as my last result to stop smoking as I had tried all the different stop smoking methods on the market and simply nothing worked. I was beginning to think I would be a smoker all my life, until my daughter gave me a flyer of Lorna's, I must have kept it for 6 months at least before I rang her. Then it took me about another 3-4 months to get to the appointment, my only regret is that I didn't act on it straight away. If you are thinking about stopping smoking, don't think about it....just do it. Hypnotherapy was very successful for me. There is no way I will ever take it up again and I am a lot more financial now. But most importantly I have regained my health and I feel better than I have felt for years. It's also great now not hearing my grandchildren say Nan you smell of cigarettes and then have them try to pull away when I hugged them . It will be 6 months since my last smoke....Thank you so much . Audrey Web, Brisbane.

*I thought I would send you an email to update you on my progress.  My husband and I both saw you. and we are both still not smoking and it is heaps easier than we thought now. The first two weeks I was a bit moody and had a few puffs but all up over this period I would have only had 5 full cigarettes in small amounts.  Then when my husband stopped it was suddenly heaps easier he was a trigger for me that i didnt expect everyone else could smoke their hearts out but with him it was if you are having one i want one. Anyway have not even had a puff since then so am happy as - have had a couple of days lately when i have had urges all through the day but they go quick now. Am over the sort of down I had and have also managed to stop eating heaps and am losing the 6 kilos I put on over this time and am feeling very positive again.  I have been referring heaps of people to you so hope you are getting some extra business I also put your card up on the noticeboard at work. B Brisbane.

*Don't know if you remember me or not. I came to you on 1st September 2006 to give up smoking, as we were trying to start a family. I remember during the session you said to me, to picture myself in 3 months. You asked me afterwards what it was I pictured: it was that my husband and I were standing beside our completed retaining wall and I was pregnant. Well I have been meaning to send you an email and tell you that I'm now 15 weeks pregnant. I just thought I would let you know, because I think about how you helped me at least once a week. I still can't believe how easy you made it for me. I still get people asking me how I did it and who did I go to. I have run out of all the business card you gave me, post some more to me and I'll hand them out for you. Thank you again. Tanya, Logan.

*I cant thank you enough Lorna for the way you have helped me quit the cigs, but also there has been a great shift in my energy and people are noticing i feel great. At no time did i feel like a smoke when I recently attended a social gathering and so i have had truly amazing results from your therapy. I am pleased to tell everyone what a help you have been to me and i will certainly promote you through my business. Helen, Brisbane.

*Dear Lorna, I have been meaning to ring you all week to let you know how I'm going. Well it's now been 2 weeks, totally smoke free. The rest of that day was great, felt really happy, positive and committed to giving up. I will admit I nearly caved, but I  played that CD you gave me, and I still haven't listened to it the whole way through, just hearing your voice was enough to relax me and clam me down. I haven't once craved a smoke, like you said I might think about one. Sometimes I have this feeling like i'm meant to be doing something, like after eating or when I come home from work, like something is missing, but now I am just starting to settle into my new routine I don't have those thoughs feelings any more. On the Sunday (day 3), I was around a smoker. I was a bit concerned that it may tempt me, but it had the opposite effect. At that point I knew I would be fine. I remember in the session you said something like when I see other people smoke that I will look at them and wonder why they are sticking that thing in their mouth. Well, that is exactly what I think. Sometimes I think I would like a smoke, to make me stop and sit still for 5 mins, but I am slowing learning that it is okay to take a break and relax. I know that probably sounds funny to you, but that's how I feel. Anyway, thank you again from a happy and content now nonsmoker. Tanya, Brisbane.

*2 Years ago you helped me give up smoking. This January (2008) I have not had a cigarette for two year (and no cravings). I remember the first session I had with you. I pulled up out side your house and had two smokes before I went in. After that first session of hypnotherapy i still had that new packet (with out the two smokes I had out side) in the car 2 days later and I thought wow I do not need them and threw them in the bin. This was the the best money I have ever spent. Mark, Brisbane.

*I would just like to say thank you for helping me to give up the smokes. It has now been four weeks and I am amazed how easy it was with your help and have only had the occasional thought about smoking. Not that I want to but more about why I used to. I have even found being around smokers that it has not bothered me. I would certainly recommend that any one considering giving up smoking that they try hypnotherapy.Thank you. John M. 

Tricholitomania, compulsive hair-pulling disorder

*Lorna you have turned out to be such a blessing in my life. I came to you with tricholitomania, a compulsive hair-pulling disorder for which there is no known cure in the medical world and for which I have struggled for at least 15 years. I had come to the conclusion that the best I could hope for was to learn to live with no eyebrows and eyelashes and in desperation I thought I would give hypnotherapy another try as I had heard so many good things about you. I had tried numerous different therapies including hypnotherapy in the past but nothing worked until I found you and after one session, not only has the compulsive urge gone completely but since seeing you a month ago, I have a full set of eyebrows for the first time in as long as I can remember! I can now look at myself and others without feeling embarrassed, ashamed and self-conscious and I have noticed an increase in confidence, not to mention a myriad of other benefits to my health and wellbeing as a result of my session with you. All I can say is that you are a miracle worker and I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me! Sarah, Brisbane.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

*Dear Lorna...We would just like to express our gratitude towards the help you have given our daughter in the hypnotherapy session.  She had previously struggled many years with obsessive compulsive disorder and after one visit with you has stopped her compulsive behaviour. Your assistance had made a tremendous difference to our family’s life. Molly enjoyed the experience of hypnotherapy and the subsequent positive results are remarkable. Not only has she overcome her OCD but she has shown improvements both socially and academically.

*Words cannot adequately express our appreciation towards you. We have since recommended you to a number of other people who are experiencing various issues in their daily life. Yours sincerely, Sean and Nicky Edward.

Unfulfilled, Stress

*Working with Lorna has surprising benefits. I can say this because my situation and life improved after only one session. By the time the second session was behind me I was convinced the investment of time and money was well worth it. The positive changes that were taking place convinced me of the value of Lorna's approach and council. For me, I could not put my finger on exactly why I have been so down, unfulfilled and stressed - doctors, psychologists friends, family - sharing with all these people had produced very very small steps forward for me. There was something else, deeper and more important that needed to take place. Finding this and addressing it was easy in the end (sometimes you just need the right help).I am guessing that if you are reading this testimonial with regards to Lorna you are considering her services in some way. Personally I needed a new way to address my issues and Lorna provided this. Lorna is well educated, experienced, non judgemental and genuinely improved my situation ... I decided to work with her after reviewing her credentials and now I work with her because she makes a difference to me. Stephen, Brisbane.

Depression, panic attacks

*Lorna you have turned my life around. When I first came to you my life was a mess. I was suffering from depression, panic attacks and had high levels of anxiety. My life was going no where and I felt like I was in a deep hole with no way out.. I had been to a Doctor and a psychologist for help and was put on anti-depressants that had little to no affect. I was at a loss at what to do. Luckily I found a pamphlet of yours that I had, and the phone call I made to you was a life saver. Through hypnotherapy you helped me to get to the core of my problems and to deal with them head on. You never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable, you were always kind and compassionate. After each session of hypnotherapy I felt better as you gave me techniques to handle any problems that may arise. Now I feel I have a purpose in life and things are constantly changing and getting better.You opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and showed me that life doesn't always have to be hard. Since I have seen you I have had no panic attacks and my anxiety levels are decreasing. I can not express the gratitude I have for you as it is so overwhelming, that I can't put it in to words all I can say is Thank you so very very much I'll never forget what you have done for me. Carina,Brisbane.

*Before I came to see Lorna I was having trouble letting go of my adult son and the really crappy way he was treating me, and also letting go of old emotional baggage from my life. I had recently moved back to Brisbane and my life just seemed to have stalled. I had no direction and had kept so much guilt and feelings of helplessness that I was refusing to let go of as they were like my security blankets. Since my two sessions of hypnotherapy with Lorna I have never felt more positive about my life and I now feel really good about myself and the new journey of self realisation that I have embarked upon. Sally P, Brisbane.


*Just wanted to say a big thank you to you Lorna, You have changed my fiances life forever. He has become a totally different person, hasn't had a drop of alcohol since seeing you. Our relationship is now stronger then ever and I cant thank you enough for helping him. We are now the way we were when we met over a year ago. Its amazing how the bottle took hold of his life and changed him and made him such a negative person who didn't care about much more then drinking and himself. 2007has now kicked off on a good note and we couldn't be happier. Anyway just wanted to say a massive thank you and let you know that we are forever grateful for your help. Kindest regards,Carmelina and Thomas, Brisbane.

 *I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Lorna, you have changed my fiances life forever. He has become a totally different person, hasn't had a drop of alcohol since seeing you. Our relationship is now stronger then ever and I cant thank you enough for helping him. We are now the way we were when we met over a year ago. Its amazing how the bottle took hold of his life and changed him and made him such a negative person who didn't care about much more then drinking and himself. 2007has now kicked off on a good note and we couldn't be happier. Anyway just wanted to say a massive thank you and let you know that we are forever grateful for your help. Kindest regards, C&T, Brisbane.

*I wanted to drop you a line and fill you in on my progress over the past few weeks, since my hypnosis with you on Saturday. Thank you for your extended session.  It has had a very positive outcome on my life.  I am doing really well and feel very confident I can now live my life without alcohol.  I have been alcohol-free since my therapy session, and feel it was definitely money well spent. Living without alcohol has helped my health in many ways and has also had a very positive impact on my relationship with my partner.  We are now living together which would not have happened if I was still drinking. I have had moments of stress where I have used the techniques you taught me to assist me in overcoming any urge to drink.  In the past I would have used these stresses as an excuse to get drunk.  Instead, I thought of the negative things that have occurred while drunk and compared them to the positives which give me a much better quality of life. Thank you very much for your interest in me and my situation. Your efforts showed me that you have a genuine interest in your profession.  You will be highly recommended by my partner and me to all our friends and family. Once again, thank you very much. Kindest regards, Mal, Brisbane.

*Hi Lorna... Just wanted to touch base and let you know of the AMAZING results I have experienced since seeing you in February 2008 for only one session for a drinking problem I had. I was drinking a bottle of wine about every two days and when at a social function I would drink a hell of a lot more, I didn’t know when to stop. But enough was enough so I sought help in you... I am thrilled to say that it has been 11 months and I have not drunk or consumed any alcohol in anyway shape or form and I am totally surprised with the ease of it and after only one session. There have been no cravings or desire at any point in time to drink . . . even over the recent festive season. I feel just awesome. THANK YOU....Kind Regards, Gavin.

Nail biting habit for 50 years

*Lorna,  It took a few changed appointments for one reason or the other, but eventually I came to see you.  After having bitten my fingernails for 50+ years I was pretty sceptical about the whole thing. I will admit that even while sitting on the chair listening to you I was thinking - 'this is not working'.  Even when I got in my car and headed home that day I was thinking - 'well Pete, you tried, but I do believe you have just wasted $200'. And I still don't believe it ..............................................I haven't bitten my nails since. Unbelievable! I have been so pleased with the results I have been spreading your name, I hope you don't mind.  I can't say anymore than just - 'Thank you Lorna'.  I'm still mystified by the whole thing, but some things in life will always remain a mystery.  kindness regards,  Peter B, Brisbane

*Disclaimer: Outcome of services rendered can vary on individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided in regards to hypnotherapy.